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How to increase Fuliza limit to 100k


Fuliza is a form of soft loan that is offerred by the Safaricom Limited through M-Pesa. This is offered in connjuction with the KCB bank. Fulize will allow you to complete a transaction even when you have less funds in your account. You can also withdraw the money to have hard cash. It has saved many during these hard times and somewould wish to have their limits increased. As at now the Fuliza limit ranges from ksh. 300 to 70k.

There are many ways of having your limit increased but it is good to note that it is only Safaricom M-Pesa that has the ability to increase your Fuliza limit and not anybody else. It is therefore advisable to be extra careful to not fall a victim of scammers and conmen who lie that they can increase your limits after paying some amount.

  • Use Safaricom and Mpesa services regularly

Since this is a Safaricom and M-Pesa based loan, using their products will halp you to have your limit increased because you will have their confidence as their adent customer.

  • Have good credit score

Fuliza is a loan just like a bank or sacco loan. Keeping a good credit score will earn you higher loan amount and create a good relationship with the lender. By paying loan without defaulting you increas your limit.

  • Request fuliza limit increase

You can manually request for an increase directly by dialling *234# then you choose to opt out. Then later dial same code and opt in, this will increase your limit only of you had no outstanding loan and have always maintained all the other aspects.

  • Use fuliza for long

As you keep on using fuliza, the providers will trust youn enough to have your limit increased as they will have seen the need to. By not frequently opting out, you stand a chance to have the limit increased.

  • Have higher monthly transaction history

The much you transact a month the higher your limit will be because you will be showing ability to pay back the amount within the given time.


It is good to know that no one can increase your limit therefore do not pay anybody who tells you they can increase your limit. Those are fraudsters who should be reported to the police and action be taken against them propmtly.

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