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How to Get a Police Abstract Report Form in Kenya

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A police abstract report can be downloaded online or obtained from a cybercafe that is nearest to a police station,

Now, let us move forward and see why this report is important and how to get one. In this post, we’re going to use An accident as a reference to an incident. You can as well check out How to Apply for Good Conduct Certificate in Kenya.

What is a Police Abstract Report?

A Police abstract report is a document that is generated by the investigating officer who responds to an accident/crime scene or was assigned to a case.

This report is issued by the National Police Service in Kenya. The document serves as proof of an incidence or complaint in that regard.

It contains a summary of information relating to the accident and/or opinion of the investigating officer.

Equally important, an abstract report is used as a reference in any settlement or lawsuit.

Why you need a police abstract form.

The main reason abstract report are needed is when you are:

  1. Making an insurance claim in case of an accident.
  2. You need the Insurance company to pay you for stolen goods/property is they were insured in the first place.
  3. Loss of national ID card/Passport and/or passport – For this case, abstract forms are available at Huduma centers.

Types of Abstract forms

Well, there are 2 types of police abstract form which are:

  1. An accident abstract form.
  2. A general abstract report form – for crime-related incidences
  3. A P3 form for medical reports and is drafted by a licensed medical practitioner and another section by a police officer.

Note: Most insurance companies have their abstract report forms which may be different from the police report form.

These formed are filled and signed by your mechanic indicating the damages to the vehicle and the cost of repair.

However, the police abstract report form is final and is admissible in a coat of law.

Contents of an abstract report

As earlier stated we will use an accident abstract report for this post. The report may contain one of the following items.

  1. The date and time the accident occurred.
  2. Next, passengers and other witnesses contact information if any, their statements among other things.
  3. Drivers statements.
  4. Personal information of the parties involved including their motor vehicle information such as Insurance details, car make, model and type (PSV or Personal).
  5. And lastly pictures or a map of the scene of the accident.

For the case of stolen goods or properties, information such as the description of the goods and their value is required.

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Getting a Police Abstract Report

Getting a police abstract report isn’t that hard as it used to be. But first, you need to have an OB Number and a case officer assigned to your case.

This officer is the one who will draft the final report for you. Police abstract forms may be downloaded directly from the national polices service website.


  1. Visit the police station that you reported your incident armed with your OB Number. ( You may also contact your case officer and ask Him/Her to draft the report for you).
  2. At the police station ask for your case officer to fill, sign and stamp the report form for you.

Lastly, make sure to remember all the details that you want to appear in the report for compensation.