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How to get a driving licence online


According to section 30(1) of Traffic Act, no person shall drive a motor vehicle unless they hold a valid driving licence or a provisional licence endorsed in respect of the class of the vehicle.

This simply means that to drive a car or anything else on the road in form of a vehicle, you must be a licensed driver otherwise you will be facing arrest and subsequent charges for breaking rules.

Penalties for driving without license

In case you are arrested driving without a valid driving licence or a provisional license then you face either of these or both at the same time;

  • Ksh. 20,000 fine
  • Prison for 3 months if it is your first conviction
  • Ksh. 30,000 or 6 months in prison or both if it is a subsequent conviction.

Conditions for acquiring driving licence

According to section 33 of the Traffic Act, a driving licence can only be given to;

  • A person of 18 years and above
  • A person of 16 years and above for driving a motorcycle
  • Public Service Vehicle driver must be 24 years and above.
  • You must pass driving test
  • Should not have any physical disability that can put life in danger
  • Must be able to read a vehicle identification plate number at a distance of 25 meters with or without glasses.

Applying for Provisional Driving licence

  • Visit NTSA portal https://Tim’s.ntsa.go.ke
  • Then select driving license
  • Select Provisional Driving licence
  • You foll in the details as they appear
  • Pay the required amount and download the license.

Getting the real Driving licence

  • Visit NTSA portal
  • Select driving licence
  • Select apply for smart driving licence
  • Fill in your details as they are asked
  • Pay the required amount
  • Visit NTSA office with the payment invoice and a passport size photo to pick your driving license.

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