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How to Deposit money from Mpesa to Transnational Bank

Transnational Bank

Find here a modest lead on the way to send cash from Mpesa to your Transnational Bank account. This is one of the 44 accredited commercial banks in Kenya that established its operations on January 8th, 1985. Its head office is situated at the Transnational Plaza along City Hall Way in Nairobi. Currently, in 2019, It has a total of 29 bank branches transversely in Kenya.

Mpesa Paybill Number

To transmit money from Mpesa to Transnational Bank, you need to recognize your bank account number and the Mpesa Paybill number associated to it that is 862862.

How to Deposit Money From Mpesa

1. Load your Mpesa Menu

2. Choose Lipa Na Mpesa

3. Then click on Paybill

4. Insert 862862 as the Business number

5. Insert your  Bank Account Number

6. Insert the sum of money you would like to bank into your account

7. Then insert your Mpesa PIN and click, OK.

8. You will get a transaction affirmation message from Mpesa and Transnational Bank

And remember the highest amount you can transact to your  Bank account using Mpesa is Ksh 70,000 per transaction.

Do not worry if anything wrong happens when you are depositing money to Transnational Bank through Mpesa. You can contact their customer care and have them assist you with the transaction. Their numbers are below:

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Contact Numbers

0720081772, 0780022224 or visit their website here to learn more

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