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How to create a YouTube Channel and upload videos using your phone


Content creation has become one of the many hustles that the youths are doing. Some have just become full-time content creators whose only source of income is the content creation. There are many platforms where the content creation is being done such as Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube among others. So if you are out there and need to start a YouTube channel and do content creation, these are the steps to follow.

  • Create Google account

To have a functional YouTube channel, you must have a Google account. The google account can be gmail, yahoo or any other that you prefer.

Google is the parent company for YouTube that is why one needs to have a Google account in order to have a channel that can be used to create contents. Visit google.com and follow steps in creating an account.


  • Create a YouTube account

This you do by either signing in on YouTube application on your phone by tapping the ‘sign in’ button or you visit youtube.com and sign in. You will be required to use the email that you created your google account with.

After loging in, you can tap the ‘created channel’ button and start the process of choosing the channel’s particulars such as name and other details that will come along.

  • Channel settings

In this step, you set up your channel by uploading details such as profile picture. You need to choose a photo with high pixels such as 98×98. Also, you can add channel’s watermark that will always appear on your videos.

The channel customization entails a lot and one is supposed to take time before choosing a given aspect and ensure you understand what you’re about to put as a setting. In case of doubt, it is good to google and find out before deciding.

How to upload video on YouTube

When you have a video on your phone and now you want to have it appear on your channel, it is quite simple to upload the video.

Open your channel dashboard and tap on the ‘create’ button. This will lead you to a space with ‘upload’ option. Tap on it an it will take you to your device storage. Go through the storage and choose the video you want to upload. In case of a desktop, you have the ‘drag and drop’ option to use.

As the video uploads, you will be shown aspects of the video to choose such as if it’s public or private, audience, and  such.

Once these are done, you will have to wait the video to upload and publish.


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