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How to Check CRB Status Online for Free


CRB is an abbreviation of Credit Reference Bureau. If one is listed with CRB it means such an individual defaulted his loan terms with the lender who decided to blacklist him or her so that they cannot receive any loan services from any company.

The existence of several loan companies in Kenya has made many be listed with CRB. This was made worse by the emergence of digital lenders who do not require a lot of information concerning the clients. Being listed with CRB is being limited financially and it is good to always have good credit score to be able to acquire higher amount of loans.

How do you know your CRB status?

There are several ways of knowing your CRB status at the comfort of your home or wherever you are. Here are two main ways,

1. Metropol Crystobol

This is an Information and Credit management company that started in 1996 and is mandated by Central Bank of Kenya to provide CRB services to all banks. They also started giving credit services to clients in the year 2006.

Metropol has two ways of helping you in knowing your CRB status; via official website or via their official app.

Using Website.

  • Visit the official website https://www.metropol.co.ke/
  • Then you will click where is written click here to get credit report and certificate of clearance
  • Sign in using your officially registered Safaricom number and a reference number.
  • Then you can download your CRB report.

Getting a reference number

  • Dial *433#
  • Select listing status
  • Enter your name as it appears on national ID
  • Select confirm
  • Enter the ID of a Metropol agent in case you were referred by any.
  • Enter 0 in case you were  not referred by an agent.
  • Select confirm
  • Pay ksh. 100.

2. Using TransUnion.

This is also another company that has been given license to offer CRB services to banks in Kenya. It provides three ways of checking CRB Status.

– Using App

  • Go to either google play store or app store and download TransUnion Nipashe app
  • Input your name as it is in the ID
  • Follow all the instructions that appear on the screen.

– Using website

  • Visit the official website of TransUnion
  • Select know your score. Protect your credit.
  • Click on Get started
  • Fill in the form that appears with correct details needed
  • Then click on accept.
  • You will receive your report.

-Using SMS

  • Send your full name as it appears on National ID to 21272
  • You will be required to pay ksh. 50 to playbill number 21272 and enter your ID number as account number.

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