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How to charge your phone faster | Why my phone is Charging slowly


One of the challanges smartphone users pass through is the slow charging. This can always inconvenience you especially when you need to use the phone. There are reasons why your phone might take longer time to charge. Here are reasons that can make your phone charge slowly;




Charging while using

While it is just okay to use your phone when it is charging, this should only be done while using the original charger of the phone. Also, you should not be using the phne to perform heavy tasks like gaming as such activities generate more heat thereby draining the battery.





Remove phone casing or cover while charging

Phone covers can trap the heat generated during charging and this heat can cause stagnation in charging as heat is a serious enemy of batteries. Removing the casing will ensure heat is effectively released making charging more effecient.





Use original charger of the phone

Every phone has its specified charger from the manufacturer. This is designed with the required amount of voltages and so is supposed to be used for the said phone. Using a different charger will slow down the charging or even damage the charging system of the phone.





Use Wi-Fi instead of cellular data

When you are charging but still need to use internet, it is recommended to use Wi-Fi connection instead of cellular data. Wi-Fi requires less power to transmit data unlike mobile data.





Activate airplane mode

This will disconnect your phone from all wireless connections such as Bluetooth, cellular data and even Wi-Fi. These always require the use of power to keep connectivity and so when turned off, the phone will charge quickly.






Switch the phone off

Switching off will disconnect and shut down all the background activities of the phne. All energy will be channeled to charging the battery only making the process faster.

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