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How To Cancel an Order on Jumia Kenya

Jumia Kenya

Jumia is one of the leading online stores in Kenya today. Jumia Kenya has put in place measures to ensure customer satisfaction. Jumia Kenya is keen to deliver the exact item ordered within an estimated timescale to ensure that the order is delivered as soon as possible.

Despite the measures put in place, delays are inevitable due to unforeseen reasons, and the company takes no liability for delay or failure to deliver the order within the estimated timescale due to unavoidable circumstances. For this and many other reasons, you might want to cancel your order, especially if the product was needed very urgently.

How to cancel an order on Jumia Kenya and how to order on Jumia Kenya are some of the most frequently asked questions by the clients.  The Jumia Kenya delivery days are 2-5 days for fashion items, and non-fashion things are seven days from the time of order confirmation in Nairobi and other towns in Kenya.

How to Cancel an Order on Jumia Kenya

Well, if you intend to cancel an order on Jumia Kenya, the rule is that the sooner you inform Jumia Kenya, the better. Their return policy also insists on early information. A request can be sent on customercare@jumia.co.ke or make a phone call on 0205230600 or 0700000990. You can call in and speak to the Jumia Kenya agents anytime from 8 am to 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekends and public holidays.

‘Jumia Kenya tracking your order’ allows you to track your order. If upon tracking your order, you notice that there is a need to cancel the order, there is a procedure for making the cancellation online. You can either contact Jumia agents directly or fill in the order cancellation form available online and submit. In the form issue details of your full names, email address, the order number, on the subject select ‘I want to cancel my order’ option, then provide a brief description of why you wish to cancel your order.

Once you submit your order cancel form, you will get a response within the next 24 hours and should stay alert for the notification within that period. Jumia Kenya complaints are attended to as fast as possible by the dedicated Jumia Kenya customer care Kenya, and therefore, you need not worry about getting attended to fast enough when canceling an order. Jumia website has a page with information on the terms and conditions, and you are advised to visit it, read and understand before you transact with the online shop.

If you are not comfortable with the terms and conditions, then you are advised not to transact with them. It is also essential to take note that the site reserves the right to modify or remove portions of the existing Terms and Conditions of sale at any given time. The changes are effective once posted on the site, with no other notice issued. That implies that you need to check the Terms and Conditions page regularly for updates.

A review of the list of the terms and conditions provides useful information and direction you need to cancel your order in case you change your mind. In conclusion, as long you observe the Jumia Kenya policy Kenya in transacting with them, you should be able to cancel an order without any challenges, and the best part is that you can do it online just by the click of the submit button.

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Jumia does not penalize its customers for any order cancellation, and you are not charged any fee for the same as long as you comply with the policy. If you do not cancel your order in good time, then you are likely to encounter some challenges and costs. Some of these costs include the product price and Jumia Kenya delivery charges that vary depending on your location. If you fail to cancel your order in good time, then the next available option is to return the product.

However, this must be in full adherence to the existing Jumia return policy Kenya. The requirement for a return is proof of purchase that can be the invoice or order number, provide the reason for the return, state the return method to be used, the preferred refund method which can be used, either a bank account or m-Pesa account. You must also fill in the Jumia return form Kenya. All the items of the delivery should be returned, including the free promotional items which came along with the purchase. Once this is done, a quality check is done by Jumia Kenya, and you will be refunded with reference to your requested refund method within the next ten days of submission of the return request form.

How to Cancel an Order on Jumia If you haven’t yet paid for the Order

If you ordered an item from Jumia Kenya and you chose payment on delivery, but you change your mind about the product, and you wonder how to cancel such kind of order, well, it is straightforward. Just forget you ordered a product from Jumia. Do not avail yourself to pick up the order when it arrives, also do not answer to requests from Jumia, ignore the reminder messages, and eventually, your order will be returned, and that means automatic cancellation. Note, this method only applies to customers who chose payment on delivery.

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