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How to buy Airtel airtime from Mpesa

Airtel airtime

Maybe it is late in the night and you badly need to recharge your airtel sim card but at that time all the shops around are all closed, the only choice you are left with is to recharge your airtel sim card through Mpesa only if there is some money in your Mpesa account. There are some occasions when you do not have cash in your hands but you have money in your Mpesa account. If you are experiencing the second situation, there is no need for you to run to a Mpesa shop and withdraw money to buy your airtel airtime because it is easy to buy airtel airtime directly from Mpesa without having to go the long way.

If you do not know how to do it, feel free to carefully follow the steps below:

Airtel airtime Pay bill number


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How to buy Airtel airtime from Mpesa

  1. Click on Sim Toolkit on your mobile phone
  2. Select Safaricom
  3. Go to Mpesa to load your Mpesa menu
  4. In the Mpesa menu, look for “Lipa na Mpesa” and click on it
  5. The next page you will be prompted to choose between “Paybill” and “Buy goods and services”
  6. Forget about “Buy Goods and Services” and select “Paybill”
  7. In the next page, you should select “Enter Business no.”
  8. Then enter the business number as 220220  do not forget to press OK
  9. Next select Account No and type your airtel number or the airtel number you wish to recharge and press OK
  10. Next, enter the amount you wish to buy
  11. Next, enter your Mpesa secret pin
  12. Confirm that pay bill is 220220, the account no. is the airtel number and the amount is correct. Click OK
  13. Make sure that you are paying to PESAPAL
  14. You will receive a confirmation message from Mpesa stating that you have sent such amount to PESAPAL for account no. your airtel number.
  15. Wait for a second message from CHAPCHAP
  16. When you receive a message from CHAPCHAP know that your transaction was successful.


Delays may arise in this transaction. Sometimes the second confirmation message from CHAPCHAP takes long to arrive but that does not mean that your airtel number won’t be recharged. It will eventually be recharged. The delays mostly occur at night.

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