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How to become Uber driver in Kenya and Make money

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Turning into a Uber driver in Kenya is a decent method to procure brisk bucks and furthermore work for yourself. Driving for Uber offers you the chance to act naturally utilized since you work with your own timetable. Besides, you don’t really need to possess a vehicle for you to be a Uber driver in Kenya.

It’s just pure obvious, on the off chance that you don’t have a vehicle yet your fantasy is to be a Uber driver in Kenya, there are numerous choices you can look over, and work for yourself for whatever length of time that you need.

One prominent alternative is to exploit the long haul vehicle rent organizations in Kenya that have Uber-fit vehicles they can rent out to you at a reasonable cost. They regularly rent out their cars for a time of 3 months to a year. Even better, these vehicles accompany full insurance – a Uber prerequisite that must be satisfied as we will later observe.

As you currently know, Uber has made it simple to be a driver in Kenya and profit without a lot of problems. In this manner, not owning a vehicle ought to be deleted from your rundown of reasons with prompt impact!

Next, How about we have a gander at precisely how you can be a Uber driver in Kenya. That is the thing that you have to do and have for you to be a driver for Uber in Kenya.

The listed below are the steps you need to follow to become a uber driver in Kenya:

Register to Uber online

First of all! Proceed to make a new account on their website here. This is the principal thing that any individual who wishes to be a Uber driver in Kenya ought to do. There is not all that much or complicated about the sign-up or new account creation process.

All that Uber needs is that you have a functioning email and that obviously, you have a working smartphone. You have to answer only a couple of super-basic inquiries concerning yourself and your sign-up procedure will be over before you understand.

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Acquire a car

The subsequent stage is to get a vehicle. Any vehicle as well as a Uber-fit vehicle.

Be that as it may, what definitely is a Uber-fit vehicle? These are basically vehicles that are acknowledged by Uber Kenya. There are a few necessities that all vehicles utilized for Uber benefits in Kenya should meet.

Uber Kenya Vehicle requirements 2019

Coming up next are highlights of vehicles acknowledged by Uber Kenya:

  1. It ought to have a working air control system. In all honesty, numerous Uber customers pick Uber in light of the fact that they adore the voyaging solace that accompanies it.
  2. It ought to have four entryways or doors, and every one of them ought to work flawlessly. Also, mind you, it ought not to be a van or truck. Uber cherishes straightforwardness!
  3. It ought to have a working radio clearly on the grounds that Uber clients in Kenya are, for the most part, elites who know the genuine importance of data and excitement. In basic terms, they want to tune in to radio!
  4. It ought to have Working windows, obviously!
  5. It ought to have full Outsider protection. (furthermore, that is principal to protect you – the driver in case a mishap happens.)

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Pass the uber Kenya driver requirements

To drive for Uber in Kenya, you:

  1. Must be more than 24 years old, and you should demonstrate this by sending a duplicate of your national identity card
  2. Must possess a working smartphone
  3. Must have a substantial driving grant (PSV)
  4. Must finish a short accreditation process
  5. Must complete a wellbeing screening to demonstrate that you are not a lawbreaker and don’t have any record of wrongdoing.
  6. Must be healthy for example magnificent sight
  7. Must send a bright driver passport photograph of you. Uber in Kenya is extremely precise with this one. As indicated by Uber Kenya, this photograph ought to be of extremely high caliber.

Provide the Uber Kenya Car documentation

You will be required to upload the listed below car Documents:

  1. The vehicle’s registration card
  2. Third-party insurance (must be fully covered)
  3. Your driving license

Lastly, activate your uber account

Once you have concluded and presented Uber with the steps as mentioned above, then you can go onward and actuate your account. The second you get a message that your account actuation is successful; you are free to hit the road and start earning some brisk cash as an Uber driver in Kenya. Congrats on becoming a Uber driver in Kenya.

NOTE: There is a question on how much uber driver earns, well, to be honest, the earnings of all Uber drivers is not the same because the earnings depend on various factors such as Location, distance covered, and also the number of hours worked. What is guaranteed is that the earnings of Uber drivers are fair.

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