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How to become a Bolt Driver in Kenya


Bolt is the most popular and trusted private means of transport in major towns in Kenya. This is due to their good services and efficient prices. It is an international company that covers several other countries. Originally, it was known as Taxify before rebranding to Bolt. If you are interested in joining Bolt as a driver then it is quite easy.


To become a Bolt driver, you need to do or have the following:

  • A passport size photo
  • Valid ID or passport
  • Clear photograph of the vehicle you intend to use
  • An Android phone or iPhone smartphone with a GPS
  • NTSA report
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Public Service Vehicle insurance sticker
  • A normal driving license
  • Vehicle logbook

Signing up

After having all the above as required, next step is to create your account. Follow these steps to do so;

  • Download the Bolt app
  • Create a driver’s account
  • Fill in your details
  • Upload all the required documents
  • If successful, you will be notified in less than 30 minutes

Successful applicants will be asked to attend a 30 minutes training at the Bolt’s head office located in the second floor of Azure Towers, along Lantana Road in Westlands.

Types of vehicles accepted by Bolt

In as much as anybody with a vehicle can join Bolt, not all vehicles are accepted. This is in terms of year of manufacturing and it varies from on location or rather region to another as follows,

  • In Nairobi, only cars manufactured in 2009 onwards will be accepted.
  • In Mount Kenya, Kakamega and Kisumu, cars manufactured in 2008 onwards are accepted
  • In Mombasa, cars manufactured in 2007 onwards can be used.

How to join with multiple cars.

Sometimes you have more than one car and would wish to use them interchangeably, you can do so by registering a ‘fleet owner’ account and uploading the vehicle photo and other documents needed.

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