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How to avoid getting banned on whatsapp


Do you mistakenly send out an excessive number of good morning messages to your friends, forward unverified information you believe to be useful, or make excessive use of WhatsApp’s broadcast lists? Despite their good intentions, these individuals run the risk of having their accounts blocked if they engage in behavior that is against the terms of service of the firm, such as spamming, committing frauds, or endangering the safety of other WhatsApp users. In August of this year, nearly 2.3 million Indian accounts were banned, according to WhatsApp’s monthly user safety report.

According to WhatsApp, the messaging service uses security procedures and safeguards to help keep users safe on the network. It also uses spam detection technologies to identify and deal with accounts engaging in unusual behavior.

Here are some of the ways to avoid getting whatsapp ban,

Avoid forwarding too many whatsapp messages

To encourage users to think twice before sharing, WhatsApp has established a label for all forwarded messages and placed a restriction on the number of times you can transmit messages. Don’t forward a communication if you are unsure of its veracity or don’t know who sent it.


Stay away from automated or mass messages.

Avoid using WhatsApp to mass message, auto-message, or auto-dial. In order to identify and block accounts that send unwelcome automated messages, the messaging platform uses both machine learning technology and feedback from users.


Limit your use of broadcast listings

Only people who have added your phone number to their contact list will be able to receive messages sent using a broadcast list. People who frequently get broadcast messages may report them, and WhatsApp will ban accounts that have received several reports.


Requesting permission and maintaining borders

Before adding contacts to a group, you should seek their consent. Respect a person’s decision if you include them in a group but they later decide to leave. The contact should be deleted from your address book and you shouldn’t message them again if they urge you to stop.


Talk to your existing contacts.

Send WhatsApp messages to people only after they’ve gotten in touch with you or asked you to do so.

Refrain from breaking WhatsApp’s terms of service.

Remember that breaking WhatsApp’s Terms of Service—which include, among other things, disseminating lies and engaging in illegal, libelous, intimidating, or harassing behavior—is the basis for account bans. You can read WhatsApp’s Terms of Service’s section on “Acceptable Use of Our Services” for more details or instances of actions that are prohibited.


You can take the following actions if you believe your account was mistakenly suspended:

Send WhatsApp an email to request a review, and they will investigate your request and get in touch with you as soon as they are finished.

You will be required to input a 6-digit registration number that was sent to you through SMS when you ask for a review on the app.

After entering it, you’ll be able to add details to back up your claim and submit your request for a review.

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