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How to Apply for NSSF card in Kenya Complete Guide

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Regardless of whether you are utilized with an organization or independently employed in Kenya, having an NSSF card and making ordinary commitments on a month to month premise is basic for your future’s prosperity just as that of your family. You ought not so much stress over how to apply for the NSSF card in Kenya.

The NSSF card application process is extremely basic and direct. Plus, it tends to be done on the web on the off chance that you don’t care for the long lines. You can apply for the card at any closest NSSF branch or Huduma focus close to you. Then again, take the online application process in the event that you are continually searching for comfort. Whatever your decision is, applying for the NSSF card is a savvy move. Consider these realities promotion facts before applying for this.


Every organization in Kenya ought’s to register with the NHIF fund as a contributing employer. He or she must have all the workers registered. Self-employed people may register as voluntary members of the fund.

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Required documents

Before you begin your NSSF card application process, you want to ensure that you have the following required documents;

  1. Kenyan National Identity Card (ID)or a valid passport
  2. Your employer’s appointment letter. This case is applicable to all employed persons
  3. Employer’s name and your NSSF number
  4. A valid copy of your active Kenya revenue authority (KRA) PIN

NSSF card application procedure

Offline application Process

Once you have fulfilled the above requirements for card application, move to the next stage. The offline application process is as follows:

  • First, visit any NSSF office department in your region or any Huduma center. Once there, approach an NSSF officer.
  • He/she will provide you with a form to fill.
  • Fill all the required details honestly and without any errors
  • Attach all your documents once finished with this step. It is advisable to use verified copies whenever possible
  • Return the form with the attached papers to the NSSF agent
  • He/ she will take both prints of your thumbs for both hands
  • Later you will be assigned an NSSF membership card at the same site.

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Online application

Technological improvement has simplified a lot of stuff by facilitating online activities. This is what makes it possible for anyone to apply for their card online. It is possible for both the voluntary (the self-employed individuals) NSSF member and the employed persons to apply for their NSSF card number in Kenya online. Kindly note that you must have all the necessary requirements we earlier listed. The documents help with secure NSSF card processing. Once you have all the papers with you, apply as follows:

  • Visit the NSSF official online web page.
  • Click on the NSSF: Members segment.
  • Pick accordingly, depending on your work status.
  • Alternatively, you can likewise download the NSSF card forms from their website, fill them, and submit them at your nearest NSSF branch.