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How to apply for government scholarship and funding for university students | Higher Education Funding portal


The Presidential Directive on the Implementation of the New Funding Model on May 3, 2023, led the Government to design and finish the Higher Education Financing Portal, which will accept applications for Scholarships, Loans, and Bursaries for University and TVET students. Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu stated during the introduction of the HEF at the Kenya School of Government in Kabete that all new students who seek funding for higher education would now have to submit formal online requests through the higher education finance site www.hef.co.ke.

According to Machogu, the government would entirely cover the education expenditures of vulnerable and highly poor students, who make up 29 percent of the student population enrolling in university and TVETs this year, through government scholarships, loans, and bursaries under the new model.

He has asked Vice-Chancellors and Principals to guarantee that letters of admission are distributed by August 2, 2023, in order for students to apply for loans and bursaries on time.

“It is now my pleasure to announce that the Scholarships, Loans and Bursaries application platform is now ready for use. I therefore direct Vice-Chancellors and Principals to ensure letters of admission are released by 2nd August, 2023. This will allow students to apply for loans and bursaries from 3rd August, 2023 to the midnight of 27th August, 2023.” Said the CS.

Similarly, CS Machogu has advised students to adhere to deadlines in order to expedite the processing of scholarships and loans, as most universities prepare to welcome First Year students in September. The new approach, according to the CS, promotes a student-centered financing mechanism rather than block funding to universities.

“Fundamentally, grants/scholarships will now be awarded on a need basis just like loans have been awarded in the past. In the New Funding Model, all Scholarships, Loans and Bursaries will have to be Means Tested for each loan applicant.” He added.

As a result, students will be paid based on their level of need and the cost of the program. Another major feature of this new model is that, beginning with the 2023/2024 Placement Cycle, the government decoupled the process of placing students in higher learning institutions from finance.

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