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How to apply for County Government Bursary In Kenya

County Government Bursary

How to apply for County Government Bursary In Kenya. Education in Kenya has been an essential service in life.

This, therefore, people from all the world even come to Kenya to study in Kenyan schools to acquire quality and high standard education at any level from Secondary to Post-secondary school.

Due to this high educational demand, an educational institution in Kenya has turned out to be too expensive for ordinary people.

They are forced to drop out of their educational careers due to a lack of enough money for school fees and other educational materials required.

Who can apply for the county government bursary?

Kenya, therefore, as a country after the establishment of the county governments, set aside a certain amount of money in their budgets to help the needy and yet bright students to access education through the bursary programs.

In this program, the needy and bright students apply for these bursaries, and they are disbursed to their school accounts by the county government.

This, therefore, enable the needy students to access education despite their poor conditions.

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How to apply for the Bursary: Procedure

  • This bursary program by the County government is accessed by filling application forms, which could be found by downloading them from the official websites of county government, which the applicants belong or by visiting the County government offices in your county or any Chief/Sub-Chief’s office.
  • Applicants should fill the application forms, and they require the help of a guardian or parent. Some of the details required include your full names, Name of school, Your registration/ Admission number, the amount of fees you want to be paid, your Parents/Guardian name, their Identity Card Number, place of residence within that particular County, the Parent/Guardian Signature and the applicants’ results lip/report since they target the needy and bright students in the County.
  • After filling the forms, you need various signatures from the Government officials such as the Chief, Sub-Chief, Headmen, and then from their Priest/Pastor/Sheikh.
  • Application forms are then submitted after the full filling and ascertained that the information provided is of the highest percentage of truth to the County government or the office of the area Chief/Sub- chief who will then take them to the appropriate offices.

How long does it take to Process the bursary application

The application forms would be processed within a stipulated time frame, and after this period, the successful applicants would have their fees paid in by the County government.

Applicants can inquire if their applications were successful by visiting their local area Chief’s office and ask for the successful applications forms register in which their names would be presented if they were successful.

These bursaries have been able to see off the needy students get an education, which will brighten their future and lead to a prosperous country.

These funds are provided after every four months, and applicants can apply when the forms are availed by the County government officials to be able to be awarded and continue with their education.

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