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How to apply for a National identity card ID in Kenya

Identity Card

The Kenya Identity Card is the fundamental and lawful distinguishing proof report perceived in Kenya. For Kenyan residents, applying for a National Identity Card is very simple. In any case, without the required records, the application procedure can be very boisterous. The procedure and the records expected to make the entire procedure simple and fruitful as depicted underneath.

Requirements for a national identity card in Kenya
  1. Original birth certificate and a photocopy of the birth certificate. The function of the birth certificate is to prove that you were born in Kenya as it commonly has a place of birth recorded in it. Secondly, the birth certificate is used to authenticate or instead check your age and see if you are entitled to get an ID. This is due to the fact that one must be eighteen years and above to apply for a Kenyan ID.
  2. A leaving certificate for school can too be used in place of a birth certificate.
  3. The national identity cards of your parents or guardians and a photocopy of the same.
  4. Passport-sized photographs Should be two
Application process

Right off the bat, the candidate must give out their original birth certificate and a duplicate of the equivalent. On the off chance that it is on hand, the candidate ought to likewise deliver their school leaving certificate. The candidate is similarly required to provide original national identity cards of the two guardians. A photocopy of every one of the records is likewise needed.

Furthermore, the candidate ought to go to the workplace of the District Office to acquire a form with which they pertain or apply for the national identity card. The candidate should then round out the subtleties of the form that regard them with no mistakes. They should then forward the form to the associate chief or the chief for signatures.

At the point when this is done, the form ought to be taken to the workplace of the District official where the subtleties on the filled form are examined and checked. The District official at that point annexes a mark to the form. In the event that the form passes this stage, fingerprints and a passport ID size photo of the candidate are taken to be sent together with the form to the important workplaces ordered with the making of the national identity cards.

The candidate is then issued with a waiting up card with which they can use as the national identity card as they sit tight for their national identity card to be prepared. The waiting up period may last as long as two months. At the point when the time has slipped by, the candidate should then go to the workplace of the District official to pick their national identity card.

Waiting time after application

When I applied for my national identification card back in the year 2016, I had to wait for six months for my card to be ready for collection. What do I mean by this? Sometimes it may take longer to prepare the Identification cards. You have to be patient when you have used the manual application process. It is a bit slow compared to when you apply for a national identification card from the various Huduma centers in Kenya. Huduma centers usually process the applications within a week, and the cards are ready for collection from one week to two weeks after application. The manual application is free, but you have to pay a certain amount of money when you apply at the Huduma center.

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Roles of national identity cards

National Security

National ID cards are executed for national security reasons. Government authorities can anticipate people who shouldn’t be in a specific zone. For example, people who have been considered domestic security dangers, from playing out particular activities, for example, flying. ID cards additionally help police officers distinguish a person who is a suspect of wrongdoing. The ID cards can help people owning the card in a law implementation circumstance since these people can demonstrate their ID cards to exhibit that they are in truth who they state they are.

Identity Theft

ID cards help battle data fraud. In the event that a nation has all-inclusive principles for ID cards and can anticipate phony of these cards, leading fraud can be increasingly troublesome in light of the fact that the proprietor of the ID card can demonstrate his character. Numerous organizations necessitate that clients show their ID card when utilizing a platinum card or a charge card. With state-issued recognizable proof cards, a few states probably won’t use the most safeguard measures against card imitation.

Illicit Employment

National ID cards will probably be utilized to battle illicit business. The individuals who are undocumented foreigners are not permitted to work inside numerous nations. Bonafide national ID cards will enable businesses to distinguish if a job candidate is really a resident of the country.

Casting a ballot

A few natives may attempt to cast a vote in decisions more than once. Commonly, they think of anecdotal characters with the goal that a competitor can get extra cast a ballot. National ID cards avoid bogus characters.

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