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How To Activate I Tried Calling You On Safaricom and Airtel

I Tried Calling You

I tried calling you a missed call alert message is notification callers to show who tried to call them when unreachable.

“You attempted to call me, but I was not available. Please call me. Thank you.” Once your phone goes off or is out of network reach, this is the message that anyone who calls you gets immediately you get connected to the network.

To resolve these missed connections (as well as recover the unspent airtime), Safaricom introduced the Missed Call Alert service a few years ago. Similar services are also now available in both Telkom and Airtel Kenya.

What is a Missed Call Alert?

As the name suggests, this service sends an alert in the way of an SMS to a person from a caller that tried calling them when they were unreachable. However, one can also set to block all calls and get missed call alerts to see who’s trying to call them while being reachable.

How To Activate I Tried Calling You On Safaricom

The service is only available to Safaricom subscribers, so make sure that your SIM card is updated.

Dial** 62*0722199199# and you will receive a notification that the services have been activated.

If you want to deactivate the missed call alert, you only need to dial ##62#. It is even simpler cramming the numbers.

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How To Activate I Tried Calling You On Airtel

We all know what happens when our phones die or go to an area with no service. Rather than getting a “Hello” from our intended pickers, we are instead greeted by a lady’s voice: usually, she says something along the lines of “Jambo! The mobile subscriber cannot be reached”

Procedure is

Send an SMS message to 555 with the text SUB MCA

Wait a couple of seconds and you should receive a reply from 555 confirming that you’ve been subscribed to MCA (Missed Called Alert).

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