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How tattoo ruined Kiambu youth’s chance to join the NYS


Young people who came forward to seek a place to join the National Youth Service (NYS) in Thika were not allowed to continue after the officers saw tattoos on their bodies.

The young people had everything that was suitable for them to be registered in the Thika stadium, but the drawings became a source of rejection. One of them regretted for failing to obey the advice of his parents who pressured him against tattooing, he asked for help to erase the tattoo from his chest.

“I live in Thika and I had come to the field to be employed, but I did not succeed. It is a tattoo that has caused me to be thrown out, I was told that I could not continue. I drew the tattoo while in secondary school and now I remember my parents warned me against it, I would ask anyone with experience to help me remove it,” he said .

Requirements when recruiting NYS

The government is expected to recruit NYS volunteers across the country between February 5 and 9. All candidates who want to be listed must meet the following conditions:

  1. Be a citizen of Kenya and a resident of the sub-county to be recruited
  2. The age of recruitment is from 18 years to 24
  3. Have an average grade of D plain and above in KCSE
  4. Produce original national identity cards and professional certificates (and get one set of copies of those copies at the recruitment center)
  5. Have a Certificate of Good Conduct
  6. Must be willing to undergo a medical examination during and after the recruitment exercise
  7. Be ready to exercise hard Be ready to serve the Nation voluntarily in any part of the Republic of Kenya.

Successful candidates will report to the NYS Militia Course at NYS College, Gilgil and NYSTTI Naivasha on the dates and times specified in their call letters to be issued.

Eligible orphans will be given special preference subject to providing sufficient documentary evidence such as parents’ death certificates or burial permits.

People with disabilities were encouraged to take advantage of the recruitment exercise in their counties and centers, as long as they can withstand strenuous physical exercise.