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How Murang`a Women Pays men over ksh. 100k to make them pregnant


Women in Murang’a County have chosen an unusual approach to establishing families by engaging in unconventional business-like arrangements, which has become a trend. Traditional gender roles appear to be being inverted, as these financially affluent women are now offering men a large sum of money to pregnant them.

Males were expected to shoulder the financial burdens of seeking and sustaining partnerships with women, such as paying dowries and supporting their families. In Murang’a, however, several financially independent single women have chosen to remain unmarried while still wanting to have their own children.

These women seek for young men, especially between the ages of 24 and 42, who are either taking renowned courses or pursuing steady employment to fulfill their desire for parenthood without the obligation of marriage. The standards are established to guarantee that the guys are viewed as competent and capable companions.

According to NTV Facebook reports, these ladies are prepared to pay a significant money to the chosen man once he successfully impregnates them, typically as much as Sh. 300,000. This unorthodox arrangement undermines the region’s established concepts of relationships and family structures.

Kenyan reacted diferntly to this where many made funny comments on the report saying they would be willing to take the offer while others viewed it as a negative new norm that needs to be combated as early as possible before it goes out of control. They believe there is need to reinstate the original family structure where man provides for the family and not the other way round. Others observed that the diminishing number of men and alcohol preverlent in the Mt. Kenya region have made getting a good man quite hard.

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