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How Murang’a man was raped by four men who even inserted a knife in his private part


A man has come out to explain a very sad incident that happened to him and left him with a trauma he is battling till now. The man who has been identified as Julius Main a comes from Murang’a county and he says he was gang raped by a gang of four men.

According to Julius, on the said day, he had gone to Kamukunji market in Nairobi where he had gone to purchase undisclosed items for his shop. He took long to return and only reached Murang’a town at around 8 pm. While he was still looking for a boda boda rider to take him him,h was approached by the four individuals who pretended to be police officers.

They inquired where Julius was coming from at that time of the night, which he promptly explained thinking he was safe. The criminals then took him to an awaiting car and threw him on the back of the car and drove off. While inside the car, one man injected him with some drug and he became unconscious but he was still able to realize he was under threat.

He was driven to some bushy area where he was tied to a tree and the inhumane people started sodomizing him in turns. When the last man was done doing the act, he allegedly inserted a knife inside his private part and they left him there to die. However, Julius’s will to live was still strong and he managed to keep alive till morning when someone saw him and rescued him.

He was taken to hospital and got treated. He says that he has gone through a lot of operations and surgeries but glad he is still alive.

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