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How Much Money WaJesus Family Makes On Youtube


The WaJesus Family is a young Kenyan couple of Kabi WaJesus, Milly WaJesus and their son Taji WaJesus brought together by love and sharing the journey to live their dreams. The Family posts videos about their individual family life on their channel.

How Much Money WaJesus Family Makes On Youtube

The WaJesus Family Joined Youtube on May 14, 2011.

Like most Kenyan celebs, The WaJesus make tones of money from the lucrative endorsement deals they get from brands and companies which is a private matter and so I can’t tell you how much the family earns from promoting brands and companies.

What I can determine is the amount of money the family earns from Youtube. Let me get to it then.

  1. Total Youtube Subscribers – 218K subscribers as of 2020
  2. Total Youtube Video Views – 21.2 Million Views Since the year 2011
  3. Total Youtube Earnings – Ksh. 8.4 Million since the year 2011. This is precise, The WaJesus Family have earned an approximated total of 8.4 million Kenyan shillings since 2011 from youtube channel.
  4. Yearly Earnings on Youtube – Ksh.  933K per year
  5. Monthly Youtube Earnings – Ksh. 77,750 per month.
  6. Daily Youtube Earnings – Ksh. 2,591 per day

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WaJesus Family

NOTE: Please remember that the figures above are approximated for Youtube Earnings only, not overall earnings, and net worth.

Now you know how much money WaJesus Family makes on youtube.

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