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How Much Money Njugush Makes On Youtube 2020


In this post, I will take you through How Much Money Njugush Makes On Youtube. Njugush is a Kenyan comedian. Tall dark and handsome. ladies love him to death and men can’t stomach this. but he loves everyone. Njugush became a celebrity in Kenya during his time in the drama series The Real House helps of Kawangware.

He quit the show to focus on his youtube channel and other projects and has since been successful on Youtube where he regularly uploads funny videos of him and his beloved wife. Njugush is naturally a comedian, his physical appearance alone can make you die in laughter.

How Much Money Njugush Makes On Youtube

Njugush joined Youtube on Jan 1, 2014.

Njugush is a brand ambassador and makes tones of money from the lucrative endorsement deals he gets from brands and companies which is a private matter and so I can’t tell you how much he earns from promoting brands and companies.

What I can determine is the amount of money he earns from Youtube. Let me get to it then.

  1. Total Youtube Subscribers322K Subscribers as of 2020.
  2. Total Youtube Video Views – 55 Million Views Since the year 2014.
  3. Total Youtube EarningsKsh. 22 Million since the year 2014. This is right, Njugush has earned an approximated total of 22 million Kenyan shillings since 2014 from his youtube channel.
  4. Yearly Earnings on YoutubeKsh.  3.6 million per year
  5. Monthly Youtube EarningsKsh. 300,000 per month.
  6. Daily Youtube EarningsKsh. 10, 000 per day

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Njugush Makes On Youtube

NOTE: Please remember that the figures above are approximated for Youtube Earnings alone, not overall earnings and net worth.

Now you know how much money Njugush makes on youtube.

If you would like to know how much your favorite Youtuber earns on Youtube, please leave a comment.

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