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How Much Money Eric Omondi Makes On Youtube 2020


I guess you are here right now to find out how much money Eric Omondi makes on Youtube. Eric Omondi became a Public Figure in Kenya when he appeared on Churchill Show as a comedian. After doing comedy with Churchill for quite a while, he decided to quit Churchill show to start his individual projects and we can say he is successfully running his Youtube Channel.

How Much Money Eric Omondi Makes on Youtube

Promoting Brands

Eric Omondi joined Youtube on 31, October 2011.

Eric Omondi uses his youtube channel to promote brands like LATO Milk which he is paid a handsome amount of money.

Eric Omondi also promotes Supa Mojo Noodles and he is paid good but we can’t determine the exact amount he is paid to promote brands.

Youtube Google Adsense

Now, this is where we will be focusing on.

Running google AdSense ads on youtube is the primary source of income for nearly all Youtubers in the world Eric included. Lets now find out how much he earns from running google ads.

  1. Total Youtube Video Views – Over 45 million video views since 2011
  2. Total Youtube EarningsKsh. 18 Million since 2011, Eric Omondi has earned an estimated total amount of Eighteen million two hundred and ninety thousand Kenyan Shillings on Youtube since 2011.
  3. Youtube Monthly EarningsKsh. 170, 000
Eric Omondi Makes On Youtube
Eric Omondi

NOTE: Please remember that the figures above are approximated for Youtube Earnings alone, not overall earnings and net worth.

Now you know how much money Eric Omondi makes on youtube.

If you would like to know how much your favorite Youtuber earns on Youtube, please leave a comment.

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