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How Much Money Crazy Kennar Makes on Youtube 2020


Crazy Kennar is one of the best Viners in Kenya. He is a Comedian, Stage Performer, and also a creative individual. He acknowledges that creativity has no limits and refers to himself as society’s funniest mirror. This Post focuses on How Much Money Crazy Kennar Makes On Youtube.

How Much Money Crazy Kennar Makes on Youtube

Crazy Kennar joined Youtube on July 24, 2017, under the name Tales of the Crazy Kennar.

The good thing about being a YouTuber is the fact that when you have attracted a fair following, brands and companies plus small businesses will be knocking at your door with lucrative brand deals worth thousands of cash.

Crazy Kennar is no different from other YouTubers when it comes to promoting brands at a fee but that is not what this post is about. The brand deals are private agreements and so nobody knows how much Crazy Kennar is paid to promote a brand or business. What I can estimate, is the amount of money he’s paid by Youtube.

Let me dive into it then.

  1. Total Youtube Subscribers68.1K Subscribers as of 2020
  2. Total Youtube Video Views – 4.5 Million Views Since the year 2017
  3. Total Youtube Earnings – Ksh. 1.8 Million since the year 2017. This is right, Crazy Kennar has earned an approximated total of 1.8 million Kenyan shillings since 2017 from his youtube channel.
  4. Yearly Earnings on Youtube – Ksh.  600,000 per year
  5. Monthly Youtube Earnings – Ksh. 50,000 per month.
  6. Daily Youtube Earnings – Ksh. 1650 per day

To Reach Crazy Kennar for business-related issues, use crazykennar@gmail.com or 0771731519.

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Crazy Kennar Makes on Youtube
Crazy Kennar

NOTE: Please remember that the figures above are approximated for Youtube Earnings only, not overall earnings, and net worth.

Now you know how much money Crazy Kennar makes on youtube.

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