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How Much is USD 439 Trillion? Photos of 8 Suspects Arrested over USD 439 Trillion Fraud


Kenyans are still in shock and state of confusion after the Directorate of Criminal Investigation, DCI, officers arrested eight people who are linked to a multinational fraud. The eight are said to have been involved in a plan to defraud two Dutch businessmen a whopping USD 439 trillion.

What has caught the attention of many is the said figure by the DCI as USD 439 trillion is quite huge that it surpasses the global economy which is about USD 105 trillion. Questions have also been raised on how the officers managed to get the figure.

According to experts, counting USD 439 trillion using money counting machine that takes in 1000 notes per minute, it would take about 8,000 days to finish the count. It is believed that the DCI either had a typing error or were just making irresponsible estimation that has now exposed them.

During the arrest, the eight people were found with boxes full of dollars some of which are fake. Also found were police uniforms and other assorted items. The suspects include,

  • Moses Otieno
  • Peter Aura
  • Brian Waweru
  • John Kalombo
  • Peter Kisanya
  • Noah Ouma
  • Charity Njeri
  • Mercy Cheptoo.

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