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How much are Tiktok gifts? | How Tiktok gifts work


TikTok will allow you to receive gifts from your fans during your Live videos once you have gained 1,000 followers. Each of these gifts is worth a different amount of money. After you’ve gathered all of your gifts, you can exchange the virtual icons for virtual diamonds. The gems can then be exchanged for actual money using PayPal or another safe payment option.

Where to get Tiktok Gifts

Coins are used to purchase a gift within the TikTok app. These coins are the only monetary purchases permitted within the program. After purchasing coins, you can send the virtual symbol to another user by pressing the pink gift button while viewing a TikTok Live video.

Here is list of amount for some Tiktok gifts;

  • Panda for five Coins
  • Italian Hands  for ive Coins
  • Love Bang  for wenty-five Coins
  • Sun Cream for fifty Coins
  • Rainbow Puke for one-Hundred Coins
  • Concert  for five-Hundred Coins
  • I’m Very Rich for one-Thousand Coins
  • Drama Queen for five-Thousand Coins

When the creator receives the gift, they can convert it to diamonds and then to actual money. Although TikTok has not produced a simple way to illustrate the value of each donation, it is as follows:

Diamonds are worth half the value of coins.
TikTok charges a 50% commission.

This basically implies that if you gift someone a Drama Queen, which costs 5,000 coins, they will receive numerous diamonds worth roughly $0.05 apiece. When you look about it in those terms, it’s not much, but excellent producers can earn multiple gifts during a single live feed, so there is money to be made.



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