The Slum Child Organization is a non-governmental organization that works in the neighborhood of Korogogocho and its surroundings. It was founded by its founder, known as Mr. George Ochieng, who was born and grew up in the informal neighborhood of Korogocho.


The young man, despite being born on the street as a young man, has been able to go through a difficult life, which according to his story is sad because he has lived as a street boy due to domestic problems, and his fate led to a divorce for his parents.


Although he lived a struggling life, the foundations of the family after his father passed away caused him depression, which was the source of his indulging in the use of narcotics and drugs. This was also caused by some friends who were family at the time. For him, in a group of street youth whose intention was to help him end the stress he had, George began the addiction slowly until finally he became a champion without knowing its effects, thinking that they helped him reduce stress and the difficult period he was having.

However, George continued to use these drugs, and there is no type of drug that he never failed to know about.

After years passed, in the year 2000, George got a smile after a Good Samaritan invited him to the church of a Catholic nun, Sister Gill Horsefield of the Medical Mission Sisters, who was doing a project for residents called Youth Health Service in Korogocho slums. The program was to train slum youth to become community health workers and agents of change. Because of his hard work in the program, George eventually became a trainer. Sister Horsefield also saw his potential and sponsored him for secondary education at Our Lady of Fatima Secondary School in Korogocho from 2001 to 2004.


While working on the program, George realized there was a lot to be done for the community. For example, many children dropped out of school after KCPE due to a lack of tuition, and it was a challenge to get vocational training for them. The ensuing stress and lack of guidance and counseling led to more crime, drug and alcohol abuse, prostitution, and other anti-social activities.


When Sister Horsefield left the country in 2006, George decided to start a project to help face the challenges of poverty, drugs, alcohol, and drug abuse through advocacy, ethics, and religious teachings. He brought along 10 of his friends who also grew up in the slums and had similar experiences. They came up with the Slum Child Foundation (SCF) to address these issues.

George and his friends usually split into groups and visited different schools in slums to share their personal experiences with students and encourage them to stay away from social evils and work towards fulfilling their aspirations.


 Currently, George and his friends, as an organization, are committed to helping the most vulnerable and marginalized people in Kenyan society, as they work with children, women, and young people who are vulnerable and marginalized in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, which include Korogocho, Huruma, Mathare, Ngei, Baba Dogo, and Dandora.

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