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How Former MP Mishra Founded Mediheal Hospital


Mediheal Hospitals are now available in major cities and towns in Kenya an even has a branch in Kigali, Rwanda. The group of hospitals started in2004 and now has several branches as follows;

  1. Eldoret Main.
  2. Eldoret Town Clinic.
  3. Nakuru Main.
  4. Nakuru Town Clinic.
  5. Nakuru Annex.
  6. Nairobi Parklands.
  7. Nairobi Eastleigh.
  8. Nairobi Upper Hill
  9. Kigali, Rwanda
  10. Kakamega Main

Who Owns Mediheal Group of Hospitals?

The hospitals are owned by former Kesses member of parliament Dr. Swarrup Mishra who used his savings to establish the first hospital in 2004. The original name was Pacifica but then rebranded to Mediheal. Mishra is an Indian who came to Kenya as a doctor toegther with his wife and after landing various jobs, they managed to found the hospitals and have worked on various charitable events that won the hearts of many voters who voted for him as an Mp in Kesses in 2017 elections.

Why Mediheal Hospitals being closed

It is reported that residents in Eldoret have been pleading with President William Ruto to come in and intervene to save the Mediheal hospital in Eldoret from being closed down. The hospital has been struggling with strikes of doctors and workers, delayed salaries and even a reduce number of visitors. This now threatens the existance of the hospital which has been a very important facility in Edoret.


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