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How businessman Singh Rai was abducted


Investigations have been launched over the incident where a businessman Jaswant Singh Rai was kidnapped in Kilimani area, Nairobi in a broad daylight. Singh is the owner of Raiply Kabras Sugar and Sarrai Group in Uganda.

The whole event during his kidnap was captured on a CCTV camera located on Wood Avenue, Kilimani, Nairobi and it happened on 25th August 2023. It is still not known where he was taken to.

While police say they are not aware of the identities or motives behind the kidnap, other sources reveal that it is all about business rivalry in the sugar industry. His vehicle was found abandoned in Kilimani on Friday.

Accodring to Kilimani Sub-County police commander Moss Ndiwa,  they were informed by a citizen on Friday that a vehicle had been left abandoned by the roadside in the area.

“This forced traffic police officers to tow the vehicle to the police station,” he said.

On Saturday, Rai’s daighter reported to Kilimani police that her father was missing since Friday afternoon before an OB report of abduction was issued. The family issued a CCTV footage showing how Singh was was pulled out of a vehicle and forced into a waiting car. In the video, he is seen being forced into a grey double-cabin pickup.

It also shows how his vehicle waa intercepted at a junction in the estate. The businessman last month obtained an order to stop a police probe into his business deals and in particular Mumias Sugar Company.

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