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How Blue Card will be Used in Football


The Fédération Internationale de Football Association, FIFA, is reportedly planning to come up with a new card in football called Blue Card. Normally, there are two main cards used in football games; Red and Yellow.

Red card is given when a player is sent out of the game. A player who commits a serious foul or misconduct can get direct red card or any player who already have a yellow card will be sent out if given another yellow card and in this case a red card will be shown to them after being shown the second yellow. For direct red card, a player misses three consecutive games while in case of red card occasioned by two yellow cards the player misses two games.

Yellow card is given for light fouls or misconducts as a sign of a warning to the player. Apart from yellow and Red, another unpopular card is White Card which is rarely used but when used it is given to a player who has shown good sportsmanship in the game.

Now, a new card called Blue Card is being considered. This card will be given in cases of cynical foul or to show dissent. The player will go for what is called sit bins where they will spend 10 minutes before resume the game.


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