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How a newly employed teacher was atttacked and killed by neighbours before dumping his body in a river


The recent countrywide power outage left many counting losses especially in business perspective. However, for another family, they were left with painful loss of a loved one after their kin was beaten to death while being mistaken to be a thief. Andrew Njiru, a 35-year-old teacher, had recently been given a position at one of the neighborhood primary schools in Murang’a County.

Njiru, a native of Embu County who had been out of work for 12 years, had been posted to Murang’a County, a new place for him to live and far from his home. His father had assisted in getting him established there. They spent more than 50,000 shillings to buy him a new home and some furniture with which to begin.

On that day, Njiru was on his way home about 10 p.m. when he heard screams from a neighboring residence of a guy in difficulty. Due to the power outage, he was unable to speak for himself, and it is unclear whether he was ever given the opportunity to defend himself, claiming that he was not a thief but rather a new member of the town. The neighbors claimed that they were roused up by a guy begging for mercy, and around ten of them came out. They claimed that all they could hear were voices claiming that the man was new to the village, couldn’t identify himself, and was a robber.

According to the Witness, the two brothers in the compound seemed astonished when they subsequently learned that the man was new in the community and was not necessarily a robber as they had assumed. They recommended that the guy be brought to the hospital or to the police station. It wasn’t until Wednesday, when residents were going to get water from rivers, that they noticed a floating body caught by boulders. Mr. Mwangi, the deceased’s father, said he couldn’t believe it when the landlady called to tell him his son’s body had been recovered from the river.

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