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How 65 survivors rescued from Shakahola forest are engaging in sexual activities at rescue camp


As the investigations into the popular Shakahola forest cult are still going on, another scandal involving those who were rescued from the cult is out. This time it is not about deaths but about engaging in sexual activities. This is according to office of the Director of Public Prosecution, DPP.

It has been reported that 65 individuals who had been rescued from the Shakahola forest cult that was led by pastor Paul Mackenzie are now fully recovered and already able to engage themselves in sexual intercourse and this is a concern to DPP as there might be increased cases of unwanted pregnancies if no action is taken. This is according to the DPP. The DPP through Assistant DPP Yamina Jamii warned to Shanzu Senior Principal Magistrate Joe Omide.

“The victims have now fully recovered, they are energetic and they have been reported to have sexual intercourse. Most of their time is being spent in this, alongside eating and freely socializing inside their hostels,” he said.

The DPP now wants the victims who are expected to testify against pastor Paul Mackenzie to be transferred to Shimo La Tewa GK prisons where they can be houses separately and their activities closely monitored easily.

Pastor Paul Mackenzie asked his followers to fast in Shakahola forest in Kilifi county in order to meet with Jesus once they died while fasting. This led to deaths of over 400 people whose bodies were shallowly and shamefully buried at the forest and still exhumation process is going on.

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