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Here’s Why Azziad Nasenya Does Not Wear Makeup When Going Live


Tiktok sensation Azziad Nasenya has revealed to her fans why she doesn’t go live with makeup. During an interview with Film director and actor Philip Karanja, the social media influencer said that she has received a lot of criticism from her fans everytime she decides to go live without makeup on her face. She said that she only wears makeup when she is on a date not when she is having live sessions on social media.

Azziad said,
” You find sometimes I go live nikiwa na lines nikikaa venye nataka tu and you find someone is taking or recording that and then they’re like ona venye anakaa bila make up and I am like no I did not do that without knowing because I do not want to lose the original Azziad. That is me at home, and I don’t go live with makeup, unless I’m going on a date and I am required to go live like that,”

Azziad said that the move is to show her fans that she’s indeed comfortable in her own skin with acne on her face or not. She also reiterated that she faced backlash from people around her adding that if she wanted to cover her face with makeup she would do so but she was not willing to do the same.

She said,”I want to show people that I am comfortable in my own skin because I am. Whether with or without acne. And me doing that has led people to criticize me for it saying that oh ona venye ako na acne na amekuja live bila makeup.

There was all that backlash and it definitely hurts because at the end of the day you’re also a human being. But I am like if I had an option to cover it, no one would ever see me without makeup. If I wanted to, I would, but I don’t want to,”

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