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Harmonize is ready to give “not only blood but also a kidney” to his new lover


Harmonize and his new girlfriend Poshy Queen continue to enjoy the beach of romance by sharing sweet messages on social networks.

After Harmonize revealed detailed information about their relationship, Poshy also finished by posting a picture of Harmonize on her Instagram and calling him his first man – Adam. “My man, I’m here,” Poshy Queen wrote after posting a picture of the Konde Gang boss.

Harmonize was not left behind, he spread his ribs saying that he is ready today and tomorrow to give the beautiful woman not only blood but also a kidney as long as he continues to see her smiling at him. Harmonize revealed that their love journey was supposed to start in 2017 but in one way or another it was thwarted, without them knowing that they were being prepared to love each other in 2024.

The artist said that what he has learned from this new love is perseverance, saying that his daughter, Zuuh Konde will be happy to find a new stepmother. “Not only blood, but also a kidney, I offer you my Eva. 2017 and here we are.

What a history to tell our people Nova and Zuuh Konde, it is necessary for them to be patient. Love is madness,” Diamond replied. Some people on that page are still unsure whether the two are really in love or they are just doing business for the preparation of the video for Marioo’s new song featuring Harmonize.

Others said that Harmonize has not followed love there but it is just nature, because for a long time he has been seen to love women not only because of love but because of their good looks.

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