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Harmonize Biography, Wife, Wedding, Networth, WCB exit

Harmonize Biography

Harmonize is a well-known musician, not in Tanzania alone but also across East African countries and Africa as a whole. Harmonize rose to fame shortly after releasing a song titled Aiyola which for a long duration of time topped in the music playlists of East Africans. Since then Harmonize has already released tones of songs that have all been hit songs.

Real Name

Rajab Abdul

Place of birth

Mtwara Tanzania, Chitoholi village


Harmonize completed his secondary education in 2009 at Mkundi secondary school, and unfortunately, he did not qualify to be admitted to any university or college.


His dream was to play football and become one of the most decorated footballers in the entire world, but later on, his goal switched to singing and music. His father being a proper Muslim was against his dream of one day becoming a musician but harmonize was not discouraged at all. He jokingly began singing.

Life experience

After completing his secondary education, harmonize moved to Dar e salaam in search of greener pastures but what he ended doing in Dar e salaam was simply hawk tea to other business owners and some other small commodities like watches at Kariakoo market. Some other days he would participate in music contests in his long journey of becoming a musician. In most occasions, people laughed at him.

Harmonize Music Journey

Harmonize began his musical journey back in 2011. He wrote and recorded songs, but the songs performed poorly that nobody recognized him. In 2015 Harmonize was fortunate to meet a well-established musician named Diamond Platnumz who was searching for talented musicians to sign under his new record label WCB (Wasafi Classic Baby). Harmonize meeting with Diamond is the best thing that has ever happened to him because since then his life has not been the same again. Diamond endorsed him into Wasafi, but some people criticized saying he lacked the musical talent and had some ego, so people were not going to like him. After releasing his first song Aiyola, the critics were ashamed as Harmonize’s song performed well earning him a nomination to AFRIMMA awards in 2016. The critic that people were not going to like him was crushed as currently, harmonize has over 5.6 million followers on Instagram and over 1.7 million subscribers on youtube.

Harmonize Tatoo

Harmonize got a permanent tattoo of Diamond Platnumz on his hand. He says that Diamond is his savior. The star he is today together with everything he owns today is because of Diamond Platnumz.

His mother’s advice

His mother advised him that humans have no good in them, they laugh with you at your face and when you turn around they start talking about you. His mother also advises him to never hold a grudge in his heart but instead repay the bad deeds with good deeds.


Harmonize Girlfriend and Wife

He dated Tanzanian movie star Jacque Wolper for a long time before them breaking up amid claims that Harmonize was cheating on Wolper. The relationship was criticized by harmonize’s fans stating that Wolper was older than him. After breaking up with Wolper, Harmonize introduced an Italian girl as his girlfriend. The lady is named Sarah Michelotti and is the current wife to harmonize after their invite-only wedding that happened on 8th September 2019.

Sarah cheating on Harmonize

There is an allegation that Sarah did cheat on harmonize sometimes back by sleeping with Diamond’s gigantic heavily built bodyguard named Mwarabu fighter. We do not know if that allegation is true or not, what happened next is that Mwarabu fighter was fired from WCB. The incident did not break harmonize’s love for his Italian girl. The couple did overcome all those temptations and are now happily married to each other.

 WCB Exit

On August 2019 there were some speculations that harmonize was exiting WCB and the speculations have been confirmed to be true as now harmonize is officially out of Wasafi together with his Konde gang crew. Harmonize terminated his 15 years contract at Wasafi. The reason for his exit from Wasafi is not clear but Harmonize was angered by Diamond mentioning their love affair with Sarah on his song Inama. It is not a genuine reason though it is true he was angry. Maybe Harmonize wants to start his own record label and he cannot do that while signed under another label, he must exit his current label to start his own label. Diamond the leader of WCB when interviewed on that matter, simply said that harmonize was free to leave because he was of no benefit to WCB. I can say that some feuds did arise between diamond and Harmonize and that is why things fell apart.

The former WCB musician who exited first, Rich Mavoko respects Harmonize’s decision to leave WCB.

 Wedding with Sarah

The wedding was conducted on 8th September 2019 and it was an invite-only event. The guests who managed to attend the wedding were 100 in number. The wedding came months after he proposed to Sarah Michelotti while they were in Italy. Not in attendance were WCB crew led by Diamond, Rayvanny, Mbosso, and Lava Lava who snubbed to attend the wedding despite receiving invitations.

To all the ladies who were salivating to have him, please let it go as our beloved Harmonize is a taken man forever.

Harmonize Networth

He has an approximated net worth of $ 1 million 


  1. Inabana featuring Eddy Kenzo
  2. Saula featuring Lava Lava
  3. Kainama featuring Burna boy and Diamond Platnumz
  4. Kwangaruu featuring Diamond Platnumz
  5. Paranawe feat Rayvanny
  6. Bado feat Diamond
  7. Aiyola
  8. Atarudi
  9. My boo remix feat Q chilla
  10. Nionyeshe feat Q chilla
  11. Show me what you got feat Yemi alade
  12. 911 feat yemi alade
  13. Nishachoka
  14. Niambie
  15. Magufuli
  16. Matatizo
  17. Inde featuring dully sykes
  18. Kadamshi feat dully sykes
  19. Happy birthday
  20. Show me feat rich mavoko
  21. Mbali feat Queen Darleen
  22. Never give up a song he derives from his true life story
  23. Uno
  24. Hainistui
  25. Kushoto kulia
  26. Hujanikomoa
  27. Pipe Industries
  28. Mama
  29. Bed Room
  30. Falling in Love
  31. Bed Room Remix
  32. CCM


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