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Guardian Angel defending modern evangelists.


A gospel artist from Kenya, Guardian Angell has defended the action of the evangelists of the current generation to have rasta-type hair – something that seems to go against the conservative principles set by the evangelists of the past before the advent of globalization and modernity.

Speaking on Sunday in Tanzania in the service of a pastor named Nabii Malisa broadcast live on Wasafi TV, the artist said that having a rasta does not mean that a person has not found salvation.

Angel, who also has rasta, said that God does not look at how a person is on the outside, but focuses more on what is inside him, but also his actions in the world. The evangelist made it clear that according to his understanding of the word, if God was looking at a person’s appearance before appointing him to proclaim his word, then everyone in the gospel would be bald.

“Having a scar is not a problem when you are with God, if God saw having hair as a sin then we would all be bald,” Angel said.

Earlier in an interview on Clouds TV, the servant of God defended his marriage which has received strong objections from some people due to the age gap between him and his wife Esther Musila.

Angel said that the criterion of marrying a woman who is older than him by 20 years is baseless because there are many who got married at the same age and ended up breaking up, but despite the big difference in age, they are still together two years later since they got married.

“If age is the most important factor to consider, there are many people who got married like that and divorced not long ago. There are people who got married when I started dating my wife and they are of the same age we are talking about and now they are not together.”

“My dedication to my wife goes beyond age and people’s opinions. Because if you enter that bed it’s you and your wife, there are no relatives there.

As long as I’m happy in my marriage, that’s what’s important. You’re not ours first. , I just found you in Nairobi, now what are your feelings about me?” Angel shouted at those who criticized his marriage.

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