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Group Of Bedroom Crafts Surprise Men In Nyeri


An uproar erupted in a hall in Nyeri when several men stormed it condemning the action of a non-governmental organization to teach their wives about the art of bedroom affairs.

The men complained while criticizing the action of the union called Operation Keep Marriage. The group aims at families in the Central region to launch a series of education for women that aims to strengthen their creativity in how to take care of their husbands.

The heads of the group said the goal is to see that marriages in the Mt Kenya area stand firm, without being swayed by the behavior of ‘side plans’. Trouble arose when some women who participated in the forums uploaded photos and videos of the teachings.

“Some of their men who are bodaboda operators in Nyeri agreed to come to the hall to present their complaints,” said an informant who spoke to the media. The men complained that their wives were being taught how to be technicians in the bedroom, saying it is very dangerous because “there are those who can turn around and run after adulterous men”.

“If your intention was good in the preparation of this kind of education, then you should have invited us men to familiarize ourselves with a lot. Personally, I feel it is wrong to invite my wife without involving me,” a man complained.

And other men were afraid, saying that the union might have the intention of registering their wives for the internet.

“How will it be that women are the only ones who educate their fellow women about the techniques of bedroom issues? Why don’t we men participate by contributing opinions on how we would like things to be? Don’t you think we have the right to be suspicious?” asked a man.

But Faisal Wanjiru, a member of the Operation Dumisha Ndoa movement, said that one of the reasons why some men get out of wedlock and engage in immorality is their wives’ lack of skills to take care of their husbands.

“We decided to deal with groups of mothers and equip them with methods to become desirable wives for their husbands. We didn’t want their husbands on these forums because we were discussing girly things that should remain private. We used to steal from them the secret of abducting their husbands so that they could settle down in the compound,” said Ms Wanjiru.

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