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Glovo App for iOS, Latest Version.


Glovo App for iOS let’s you Order anything you want and it will be delivered in minutes. You can order from any restaurant in your city, or from any supermarket and shop.

Get groceries, pharmacy items, flowers, drinks or even order your favorite food (burger, pizza, Goiko grill, kebab, tapas, sushi).

If you need it, can even pick up your suit from the dry cleaners or bring you the keys you’ve forgotten at a friends using the “anything” function. You order, and Glovo gets it for you.

Download Glovo App for iOS

Download the app below and install it on your mobile.

Check App – MyGOtv App for iOS.

What You Can Do with Glovo App

  • Order anything you want.
  • Order from any restaurant in your city.
  • Discover local stores.
  • Order any product you wish.
  • Track and follow the delivery in real time.
  • Receive your delivery in minutes.
  • Rate your experience.
  • Reorder your favorite items with 1 click.
  • Share with family and friends: invite your friends and family members. Help them to save time with deliveries.
  • Get free delivery with Glovo Prime. (only for specific countries)

Why Glovo App

  • Deliveries from the biggest chains: McDonald’s, KFC, Papa John’s and many more.
  • Easy-to-use and to order.
  • Order anything, anywhere, anytime, locally or further away.
  • Track your delivery in real time.
  • Fast delivery.

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