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Girl Walks 15km to Join School Without a Cent.


A 13-year-old girl from the Butere area has surprised many after walking a distance of more than 15 kilometers to Mumias wishing to join St Mary’s Girls High School.

Diana Nyarotso, wearing the blue uniform she used at Ebulafu Primary School, carried an envelope containing her invitation letter to join St Mary’s High School and a copy of her KCPE exam results.

The black shoes he was wearing were full of dust and turned brown, a sign of the pace he had walked to reach his intended destination.

“I studied at Ebulafu Primary School where I scored 375 in my KCPE exam and I was called to St Mary’s High School,” she explained.

  “But my father passed away in 2012 and my mother is ill and cannot afford to pay my school fees. That’s why I woke up at dawn and started walking to beg the headmaster of St Mary’s to accept me to join Form One. I am committed to study and become a lawyer so that I can help the disadvantaged in society.”

The Principal of St Mary’s High School Monicah Buchichi said she was stunned when the girl approached her without anything wanting to join the school.

“When I questioned him more, I realized that he comes from a poor family and his condition touched me. I have no choice but to allow her to join and look for resources to enable her to get all the needs she needs at school,” said Mrs. Buchichi.