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Georgina Njenga biography, age, education, career, real name, boyfriend, net worth, youtube


Georgina Njenga is among mos popular young celebrities in Kenya and she is also a Youtuber. She rose to fame when it was revealed that she was dating former Machachari actor Tyla Mbaya Baha. They have always been talk of internet due to their endless drama and scandals which mostly are ending up being clout chasing.

Georgina Njenga age

Georgina Njenga is also known as Georgina Njeri Njenga. She is a YouTuber, content creator, TikToker, influencer, and online personality from Kenya. She was born on 9th September 2001. Georgina is a product of single mother as she was raised alone by her mother when her father died when she was three years old. She credits her entire achievement to her mother, who has always been supportive.

Georgina Njenga Education

Her education journey is not quit clear and much about where she went to school is not known. What is clear is that she studied up to form four and has not proceeded since she finished in 2019. It is not clear whether she will  proceed to college or not.

Georgina Njenga career

Georgina is generally a social media influencer. After school she ventured fully into content creation on her YouTube channel where she did several videos on her life. She is also active in Tiktok, Facebook, and Instagram. Through this, she manages to earn a living and get endorsement by several companies. Her YouTube channel has  over 200k subscribers.

Georgina Njenga and boyfriend

She was dating former Machachari actor Tyler Mbaya alias Baja from 2020 and they managed to have a daughter together named Astra Kamau.

However, in July 2023, the two have stirred breakup rumors and Georgina even confirmed the same through her social media posts. Since the two are known for constant scandals meant for clout chasing, many believe this is just another stunt that they are engaging in to get public attention.

Georgina Njenga Scandals

In January 2023, she became an online sensation after her nude videos leaked online. This was talked about so much but she proudly admitted to having recorded the videos while she was still in high school and was still immature.

Georgina Njenga Social media platforms

Facebook – Georgina Njenga

Twitter – @njeri_kenya

Instagram – @Georgina Njenga 

Tiktok – @GeorginaNjenga

YouTube – Georgina Njenga

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