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Fuliza loan: How to Fuliza, Requirements for Fuliza, Repaying Fuliza

fuliza loan

Fuliza loan is a service that allows M-PESA customers to perform their M-PESA transactions when they have insufficient money in their M-PESA accounts.

Qualifications for Fuliza Loan

To qualify for Fuliza loan, you must be using Safaricom Simcard and your Sim card ought to be registered for M-PESA services. You cannot access Fuliza if you are not a Safaricom user. There is no Fuliza loan in Airtel and Telkom network providers, only Safaricom. To also need to register for Fuliza for you to access the Fuliza loan, you can not obtain the Fuliza loan if you haven’t registered for it. Another qualification is that your Safaricom Simcard must have been in use for the past six months and transacted using the M-PESA service.

How to Register for Fuliza loan on Safaricom Simcard

Registering for Fuliza loan on Safaricom is very easy and takes less time to be done with the whole process of registration. Follow the steps that have been well written below to activate Fuliza on your Safaricom Simcard.

  1. Dial *234# and then on the menu that appears next select 0 for FULIZA MPESA
  2. You will be asked if you want to Join Fuliza MPESA, SELECT 1 for YES
  3. The next page you will be asked to Accept Fuliza Mpesa terms and conditions, SELECT 1 to ACCEPT
  4. Wait for the request to be processed
  5. After the application has been processed you will receive a confirmation message from M-PESA welcoming you to Fuliza, for example, LOUIS, you have successfully opted into Fuliza M-PESA. Enjoy limit of Ksh. 1500 at an access fee of 1% and a daily fee of Kshs 0-30 on the outstanding balance.”
  6. Wait for your M-PESA menu to be updated.

NOTE: Your Fuliza loan limit will depend on your day to day M-PESA transactions, if you transact more, you will enjoy a high Fuliza loan limit, but if your M-PESA transaction is low, you will enjoy a low Fuliza Loan limit. If your Simcard is less than three months old, your Fuliza loan limit will be Zero.

How Fuliza Loan Works

After you have registered for Fuliza loan and perceived your loan limit, you are at this point able to send money to your friends, family or school even if you have insufficient funds in your M-PESA account. Let’s say you want to send 1500 to your family member, but you have only Ksh 500 in your M-PESA account. If your Fuliza loan limit is Ksh 1500, you will be able to send the whole 1500 to your family member through Fuliza. Make sure you accept to use Fuliza the end of the transaction when sending money. After you have used Fuliza loan to top up the amount you wanted to send, the Fuliza loan will be recovered from your M-PESA menu when you deposit funds to your M-PESA account.

Fuliza Limits

The limit is the maximum amount you can get and should be repaid in 30 days.  The sum you are qualified to get depends on your account and will be evaluated every three months, depending on how you utilize the app. To increase your Fuliza limit, Safaricom declares that you should proceed using Safaricom and M-PESA services regularly and repay Fuliza M-PESA on time by topping up your M-PESA account. You can use Fuliza as numerous times as you want as long as you are inside the allotted Fuliza M-PESA limit.

Where does Fuliza Apply?

Fuliza overdraft particularly comes in to aid you when you don’t have adequate funds in your M-PESA account to perform a transaction. And this is in some of the ways :

  1.  Lipa Na M-Pesa to Pay Bills, e.g. Kenya Power, Water Bills, etc.
  2.  Lipa Na M-Pesa to Till Numbers, e.g. Supermarkets, Transport, etc.
  3.  Sending Money
How to pay Fuliza

Repaying the sum granted to you is easy, just deposit money to your M-PESA account, and it will be deducted from that. If you have handled M-Shwari, then you understand this is the contrary of that. For M-Shwari, you have to decide to pay the loan unlike with Fuliza where the amount is subtracted automatically just like Okoa Jahazi.

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Fuliza Charges

There are charges that Fuliza interests that you should discern about before getting begun. There is an access fee of 1 percent and a maintenance fee. You will be charged amid Ksh2- Ksh30 per day each day the account is overdrawn. So if you have a Fuliza Overdraft of Ksh200, you’ll be imposed Ksh2 one-off fee, plus Ksh5 daily until you repay.  Following are the charges to await when using Fuliza:

Amount        Charges

0 -100             One-time fee of Ksh 2

101-500          Ksh 5 per day

501-1000        Ksh 10 per day

1001-1500      Ksh 20 per day

1501-2500      Ksh 25 per day

2501-70000    Ksh 30 per day

How to Opt-Out of Fuliza

Maybe you are tired of using Fuliza, or you just don’t want to use Fuliza services, you can follow the steps below to opt-out of Fuliza M-PESA:

  1. Dial *234# and Select 0 for FULIZA M-PESA
  2. On the FULIZA M-PESA menu Select 6 for OPT-OUT
  3. Next, confirm that you want to opt-out by selecting 1 for YES
  4. Wait for the request to be processed
  5. You will receive a confirmation message from M-PESA that you have opted out of Fuliza for example, “LOUIS, it is sad to see you leave. You have successfully Opted Out of Fuliza M-PESA service. To Opt-in again dial *234#,”
  6. Wait for your M-PESA menu to be updated.