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Form One Student at Kilungu Boys Mysteriously Dies Few Weeks after Joining


The joy of Emmanuel Kirima’s parents of sending their son, Emmanuel, to school has been cut short after the boy died mysteriously while in school. Their efforts to ensure he is enrolled in school now seem to have been a waste of time and only if they could tell the future, they would have kept their son at home without education but at least alive.

According to what they were told, the 15 year old boy developed severe stomachache and was quickly rushed to a private hospital. However, his parents would later be called to identify their son’s body at Kilungu mortuary. While the narrative that the boy developed stomach complications in school was well explained to them, they could not understand the origin of visible bruises on the boy’s face which led them to believe that there is more to his death than the stomach issue.

His father Mr. Joseph Kaimenyi clearly stated that his son has never had any stomach issues or other underlying disease that could have taken his life so quick. They tried to inquire from the hospital what the boy suffered from but the hospital came clean on the matter saying they only received the body as a ‘dead on arrival’ case and so they cannot clearly tell what he suffered from unless an autopsy is done.

As this is happening, the school administration has maintained that there is nothing sinister over Emmanuel’s death and the school followed the due protocol as a norm whenever a student falls sick. When asked to explain then the causes of the injuries and bruises on the boy’s face, the school could not say anything further.

The devastated parents are now left to seek for the answer themselves by using other means and authorities since the school cannot give the answers to their questions.