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“Flamaz Emerges as Kenyan Sensation with Release of New Single ‘Stress'”


Flamaz, born Amos Nyagaka, hailing from Kisii County, has graced the music scene once again with his latest track, “Stress.” Flamaz, who pursued his education at the University of Mombasa, where he majored in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), ventured to Nairobi to connect with the right individuals. His journey into the music industry began in 2013 with the release of t single, “Gimmi.” Since then, he has undertaken several musical projects, some of which are of which are widely recognizedwhile others remain concealed.

The artist temporarily paused his musical pursuits to focus on academic achievements and other endeavors. Besides his passion for music, Flamaz is a prominent figure in agriculture, serving as a large-scale farmer. He also serves as the Founder and CEO of a technology company. company in Kenya, in addition to being an active trader and a director at an online trading firm.

From an early age, Flamaz’s heart was captivated by the world of music, with his first original composition dating back to his days in class 7. His musical inclination gravitates toward inspirational Afropop, a genre he uses as a vessel to convey uplifting messages and create a positive impact on listeners. He is often described by others as embodying the characteristics of a mountain goat, leopard, or eagle, ize his resilience and determination as a human being.


“Stress” is a musical journey that invites listeners to immerse themselves in a harmonious blend of Afro and Pop influences. The song takes inspiration from the prevalent challenges faced by by by today’s youth, offering a guiding light through the labyrinth of stress and anxiety.

In a world where stress levels seem to soar endlessly, “Stress” extends a comforting hand. Its profound lyrics and uplifting melody serve as a reminder that even in the midst of turmoil, Brighter days await. This track is not just a song,, but a beacon of hope.

You can experience “Stress” on your preferred streaming platforms: https://ditto.fm/stress-flamaz

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