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Film Maker Abel Mutua Praises His Beautiful Wife


Popular filmmaker Abel Mutua has praised his wife Judy Nyawira for being his greatest support system in his life. He declared this during a recent interview with Lynn Ngugi where he said that his wife has been the greatest reason behind his hard work.

He said, “Judy is the fuel that propels me to greatness. It is not something that she started recently, she has been that person since 2008 when we met,”
“Every situation we have been in together has been a reason for me to grind even harder. All thanks to her.

Mutua said that he would feel very useless without his wife since she has always put her on track. He said,
“I would be very useless without her. She has made sure that I am always on course. I would not even sit on the couch I am sitting on now,”
Mutual also said that his love for his wife was so much to a point that he would die for her since he knows where he would been without her being in his life.He said that even when broke, she will ask him to rest as she provides everything in the house.
” I’d die for this woman any day because I know where I would have been without her. Even when I am broke she will ask me to let her handle everything,”

Praising his woman further, Abel Mutual said that Nyawira always reminds him that life is not smooth and always gives him a word of counsel and encouragement.
“She always reminds me that at the end of the day I have a bigger goal and its not all about being on TV. Its about what you want to do with your life, I would be worthless,”

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