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Father Ezekiel Maria Citizen Biography Info


Musa Mohamed Ore is commonly known for his role as Father Ezekiel. The talented actor plays alongside melanin queen, Grace Obuya alias Mother Teresia. Although he is a Muslim, the talented actor delivers the role of a Catholic priest very well to the extent that one might doubt his religion.

Father Ezekiel Role

Together with Mother Teresia, they are always the supportive members of the slum community offering guidance and counseling.

Although Musa Ore/Father Ezekiel is a Muslim in real life, he clearly brings out the character of a Catholic priest in the series so well attracting a huge following.

Together with Mother Teresia, they encourage the slum dwellers in the drama to be strong in the Lord, be positive about life, and live peacefully.

Family and Brother

Away from acting, Musa is also a family man who adores his wife and his two beautiful daughters and a handsome son. It is worth noting that Musa is a brother to former Harambee Stars player, Jamal Mohamed.

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Father Ezekiel Beard

The young man has a well-built body and his beard is something that most women like. He has managed to create a name for himself in the acting industry and easily adopted a character that is far from his religion.

Father Ezekiel
Musa Oree aka Father Ezekiel

Other Facts

  1. He is of Somali descent
  2. Father Ezekiel or Musa Mohammed is a staunch Muslim and regularly visits MECCAH in Saudi Arabia for Prayers
  3. He has acted before in movies such as SUBMERGENCE produced in 2017 where he acted as a JIHADIST MILITIA. The other movie is titled MY SISTER MY LOVE 2 produced in 2006.
  4. He communicates in Four languages including, English, Swahili, Arabic, and Somali
  5. Father Ezekiel vied for MCA Position for California, Nairobi on a KANU Ticket in 2017 but lost.
  6. He is into Boxing and trains hard every day
  7. Musa Mohammed is the elder brother to Kenyan footballer Jamal Mohammed also known as Mallo who plays Professional football for AL NASR in Oman.
  8. He chews Khat/miraa

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