Home NEWS Fast-rising Kenyan singer Flamaz unleashes new tune ‘City Girl’

Fast-rising Kenyan singer Flamaz unleashes new tune ‘City Girl’


Flamaz born Amos Nyagaka, a rising star in Kenya’s music scene, introduces his debut single, “City Girl,” shedding light on the common issue of men facing deception when providing travel expenses for potential romantic interests. The song delves into the risks of blind trust in today’s dating world.


In a society where genuine love is believed to go beyond financial considerations, “City Girl” unveils the harsh reality. Flamaz draws inspiration from the experiences of many men in urban Kenya who, with sincere intentions, end up being misled by unscrupulous individuals.

The song serves as a commentary on the prevalent issue of individuals exploiting trust in online relationships. “City Girl” mirrors real-life scenarios where men, seeking genuine connections, find themselves deceived in the pursuit of love. The lyrics express the frustration of those falling victim to the “kukula fare” phenomenon, where financial contributions for a meeting lead to unfulfilled promises.

Flamaz, renowned for emotive performances, channels the collective frustration of those taken advantage of in the quest for love. The Afro-pop influences in the track create an engaging and relatable musical experience.

“City Girl” is more than a song; it sparks reflection on the challenges of modern romance and the need for cautious trust in the digital age.

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