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Event Video Live Streaming and Webcasting Services Providers in Nairobi, Kenya

Event Video Live Streaming and Webcasting Services Providers in Nairobi

Webcasting is a media presentation spread over the Internet through the use of streaming media technology to distribute a single content source to many listeners/viewers at the same time

Video Streaming and Webcasting Services

With rich media webcasting we give your audience the experience as if they were in the room themselves.

This way of streaming is the perfect solution for sharing a meeting or discussion to an online audience.

We can webcast your event to all popular streaming platforms like Youtube live, Facebook live, instagram and many more.
We  provide visual info on screen during the live stream for the speakers so at to make the webcasting simple and easy.

We send the best and well trained and professional technicians to your video streaming and webcasting location.

You just organize your meeting and we take care of the rest. After years of experience, we came up with a worry free system that will make your video streaming and webcasting a true success.

Our team can also assist you as project managers that work together with your AV supplier so that all technical aspects will be present to guarantee you an excellent video streaming and webcasting experience.

LiveStreaming Services for Wedding / Corporate / Graduation / Funeral ( Burial)  Events

With the advent of the CoronaVirus pandemic, our normal life and celebrations have changed. The banning of social gatherings like weddings and social distancing is a new reality. When your relatives or your best friends are not able to attend your wedding, live streaming is the best solution so they can follow the event everywhere they are. Janeson will help you telecast the most important event of your life to your family and friends across the world. Nobody should miss out on the celebrations and excitement at the wedding venue even though they are miles away. This is the reason you need Janeson to expand your audience without limit by streaming through multiple platforms which include; Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. We design highly customized live streaming solutions for you. Janeson services are end-to-end teleconferencing solutions with reliable internet connectivity anywhere in Kenya. All this is enabled by their dedication and investment in quality hardware, software, and a team that is experienced and well skilled that delivers excellent services on your big day. Our HD creative video productions offer solutions for all your production needs.

Why Choose Janeson for your LiveStream

Live streaming your event with us will guarantee you many benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits you shall get from our live streaming services.

  1. High-quality Streams; They offer live streaming services with a robust infrastructure and a reliable Content Delivery Network(CDN)  to achieve high-quality video. CDN distributes your content globally ensuring your stream works perfectly and functions consistently without any technical glitches.
  2. Wider Audience Potential; Due to work commitments and other errands, sometimes people can’t make it to attend your event physically. Other times physical events are usually limited to space available at a given venue. Live streaming your event gives people an opportunity to attend the event wherever they are as you are not limited by geographical or size constraints.
  3. More Content Use; Live streaming not only offers video and audio streaming services. You have the opportunity to use a variety of multimedia content including photos, text, and live chat. We provide flexible platforms to access different presentation methodology to maximize viewership.
  4. Analytics Evaluation; Our professional live streaming services are equipped with tracking tools and analytic dashboards to help evaluate the outcome of your live event. You can be able to view relevant metrics like a number of viewers, engagement, and behaviours.
  5. Mobile-friendly Streaming; Most people spend time on their mobile phones and other smart devices. We ensure your intended audience can easily access live streams via their smart devices.
  6. Ad-free Streaming; It can be full of distractions where the live stream is flooded with adverts, third-party logos tend to flood the screen and take the focus away from your live event. Our professional services offer ad-free streaming so you can avoid burning your viewers with ads that aren’t related to your content.
  7. Cost-Effectiveness; An advantage of live streaming with professional service providers is that it is generally cost-effective than self-hosting and investing in all related technologies.
  8. Custom Video Player; We offer streaming solutions by providing a customizable HTML5 video player. We set the size of the player to fit wherever it is embedded.
  9. External Tools Integrations; We provide the best streaming services equipped with video API services which allow customizing the video hosting experience by integrating external apps and programs.
  10. Security and Privacy; It is crucial to keep your content safe from hackers and you have an authority over who has access to your video through the use of paid tools.
  11. Convenience; Live streaming captures motions and events as they happen in real-time, hence you can’t miss out even if you are far from the event.
  12. Exceptional Experience; With all the mentioned benefits above, we can say that live streaming with professional services like Janeson helps streamline your broadcasting experience.

Clearly, live streams are designed to help you broadcast events to your audience and create a broader viewer base.

Benefits of Live Streaming

  • Create Authentic Engagement; Live streaming increases and improves the rate of commenting, liking, and sharing live-streamed videos in comparison to recorded videos. This is because you can interact with your audience in real-time which encourage them to keep the interaction going
  • Audience Feedback; During a live stream, the viewership and engagement can give you an instant feel for how the audience is responding to something and one can be able to understand the audience well.

There are several platforms where live streams are hosted in Kenya. These include Facebook Live, Instagram Live, LinkedIn Live, YouTube Live, Tiktok.

Now that we know about live streaming, let’s now look at basic equipment used during live streaming;

  •  A camera is one of the tools used.; A camera can be your webcam, phone camera, or any other kind of camera.
  • Microphone; It can include either external microphone, phone microphone, and also internal computer microphone.
  • Lights; Good lighting is the key. Live streams can be horrible when the audience cannot see well what is going on.

Reasons why Couple Live Stream their Wedding

  1. When a family member or friend is sick and can’t travel to the venue, tied up, or simply couldn’t afford to attend.
  2. Want to share their moments with their social media followers in real-time.
  3. Restrictions of social gatherings due to pandemics.

Bad signal? No videographer? No problem. It is your special day and you have every right to enjoy it! Janeson have got you covered. Your live stream is recorded automatically and you will be able to record a full recording after your event. Your virtual guests don’t have to download our app or create an account just a click on a private link and they have instant access to your live wedding wherever they are. You can choose exactly who sees your wedding live stream by sending them a private link that can work on any device and letting your family and friends who couldn’t attend be part of your special day. Our team has been trained and tested by our video & photography trainers and thus we make sure that we offer the best experience in your event.

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