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Erick Omondi’s Political Move that Can See Him Win Elective Post in 2027


Kenyan comedian and self proclaimed President of African Comedy Eric Omondi has been doing a lot of public engagements that have spiked reactions from Kenyans where many are suggesting that he might be eying a political seat come 2027.

The man who is arguably one of the most accomplished comedians in Africa is seemingly stepping into political arena if all he has been doing through his online following is anything to go by. It all started as a simple act of charity and goodwill but it has since gained momentum with him being at the center of it.

He coined the now famous Sisi kwa Sisi movement that aims at seeking for instant solutions and assistance to various cases of human interest needs. Through his social media platforms, he rallies his followers to come in aid of any case brought to his attention.

The list of his accomplishments is long and can be seen by examples. Recent case was where he decided to construct a bridge in Kisii county after he saw a little girl crossing a dangerous wooden bridge.

While it may not make sense now, this initiative can change into a political movement that Eric Omondi will ride on to win an elective post in 2027.


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