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Eric Omondi: We Have Lost Baby Pyden


Popular comedian Eric Omondi has announced the death of baby Pyden Mudoga. Pyden who was only one month old succumbed to a cancerous jaw tumour.
The comedian announced the news of Pyden’s death on his Instagram page saying that receiving the news was sad adding that he felt peaceful since the baby has rested.

He thanked all the fans who contributed to Pyden’s medical costs. On his Instagram page, he wrote,
“We have lost baby Pyden. Pyden was a very Strong Baby…He fought a good fight. He ran his race. In the short time that he lived, he taught me great lessons. He taught Resilience. He has rested. We will remember him as a Legend. We will Celebrate his life. We will send him off as a PRINCE. May God give him rest. We will not lose hope, we will bury him as a soldier with our heads high. Once again Thank you to ALL who Contributed. We shall Continue.”

Previously, Eric Omondi had urged Kenyans to contribute towards medical expenses for baby Pyden.Eric went live on his Instagram page to urge fans to help him raise enough money for the month old baby. Having raised enough money, Eric transferred Pyden to a better healthcare centre. He wrote,
“Today we Transferred Baby Pyden to an Advanced Facility. First and Foremost I would like to say a BIG GOD BLESS YOU and THANK YOU to everyone who contributed Anything.Baby Payden is a long term Patient and we will still need you to walk this Journey with Him. He will be fine, that’s our Prayer. We will walk the Journey together until we see Baby Pyden out of Danger and living his best life..We will Constantly keep you UPDATED.”