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Eddie Butita Biography, Age, Tribe, Education, Relationship, Career, Net worth


The name Eddie Butita is a familiar one especially to those who are frequent in social media or who watch television consistently. This man has made a name for himself over time by utilising his talent in arousing laughter from an audience. He has grown from Ghetto life to his current status of celebrity life.

Early life

Eddie Butita was born in Kariobangi, Kasarani constituency on 16th November 1992 and will be turning 32 years in 2023. His parents whose identities are not available for the public, named him Edwin Butita before he turned into the Eddie Butita that we know.


Having been born in a ghetto setup, Eddie had several challenges just like the ghetto kids we see around. Lack of school fees, poor environment, insecurity and such that affects pupils and students’ school lives. He has never revealed which primary school he attended but it is publicly known that he attended Butere Boys high school where he sat his KCSE exams.

Thereafter, it is understood that Eddie went on to pursue a course in Graphic Design which helped in shaping his career into entertainment and art industry.


Butita started acting comedy while still in high school. This gave him a hint of what he could be in future and when he finished high school, he started off by doing parodies of ghetto life in Africa. This was to help expose the life people in ghetto go through.

His professional comedy career started in 2010 when he wowed the audience during Churchill Show live and this catapulted him into greater nights and public domain.

He has been involved and featured in several comedy shows such as Churchill Show, Churchill Raw, Night of a Thousand Laughs, the Trend show on NTV, and several others. Butita is also the CEO of Stage Presence Media, SPM Buzz as it is known by many.

Recently, he amazed many by exploring his great talent in producing an directing movies and dramas when he launched his highly talked about  show, A Nurse Toto that tries to explain the incompetency of most of current generation of professionals who get their ways into given profession by shortcuts.

Butita Girlfriend

Eddie dated fellow comedian Mammito for a long time but before of came out openly, they tried to keep it low key. However, they broke up in 2021 and since Butita has not been in any official relationship but early this year, Butita sparked reactions after he showed signs of dating another fine lady named Sadia. When asked to come clean if they are dating, Butita said he has never termed Sadia as his girlfriend and that it is blogs and media that say so.

Net worth

Butita has made big in entertainment industry and has managed to pocket some good amount of money that has helped him accumulate sizeable amount of wealth. He owns several businesses and other properties like cars. He is also the CEO of SPM Buzz. He is estimated to be over Ksh.100 million rich in both assets and liquid cash.

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